Five Event Streaming use cases that Transform Business
The recent revolution in data infrastructure and application architecture has transformed the way all kinds of organizations, from the traditional to the digital native, work with data. But to truly take advantage of event streaming as the most strategic platform within your company, it must move from the domain of one-off engineering initiatives into a central nervous system for the enterprise.

Transformation takes thoughtful strategy with specific business impact in mind. Knowing what business use cases other companies are putting into best practice is a great way to start envisioning—and enabling—your own shift to a centralized event streaming paradigm.

Read on to discover five of the top use cases Confluent has witnessed, with real-world customer examples and insights into how your organization can make the leap.

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Apache Kafka in the Automotive Industry

In November 2019, I had the pleasure to visit “Motor City” Detroit. I
met with several automotive companies, suppliers, startups and cloud providers to discuss use cases and architectures around Apache Kafka. I work with companies related to the German automotive industry for many years. It was great to see the ideas and current status of projects running overseas in the US.

I am really excited about the role of Apache Kafka and its ecosystem in the automotive industry. Kafka became the central nervous system of many applications in various different areas related to automotive industry. Machine Learning also got more and more impact on these use cases.

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Real-time Data Monitoring in Oil and Gas

Reduce costs by moving to a real-time, data-driven production process.

Increase Efficiency

Optimize the utilization of your workforce at drilling sites by moving from manual, labor-intensive batch data collection to automated, real-time data monitoring.

Reduce Downtime

Move from scheduled maintenance to predictive maintenance based on real-time data analytics.

Integrate Data Silos

Eliminate ETL (extract, transform, and load) process by integrating data across different divisions (upstream, midstream, and downstream).

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Modernizing the Established Bank

Technology is transforming the business of banking. Goldman Sachs has 1.5 billion lines of code across 7,000+ applications. JPMorgan Chase employs over 50,000 people in technology and has $10B+ technology spend. Just as is famously a data company that happens to sell books — corporate, investment and retail banks are now software companies that happen to deal with money.

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